Custom Orthotics


“Footmaxx analyzes your foot in motion to determine deviations in alignment, movement pattern and symmetry, which then generates custom reports with detailed gait analysis and creates a prescription for the best fitting orthotic for your foot.

Getting a custom orthotic can help alleviate the following conditions:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Back pain
  • Hip pain
  • Knee pain
  • Cramping or restless legs
  • Arthritis

The eight key foot landmarks (lateral heel, medial heel, five metatarsal heads and the hallux) are accurately isolated and tracked throughout the stance phase of gait. The gait and pressure analysis report is useful as a permanent chart record and can be submitted to insurance and managed care companies to facilitate pre determination requirements. Metascan makes scientific, accurate and biomechanical patient assessments affordable with this advanced in-office system.”

Analysis is performed by Dr. Evan McCarvill, ND (link), and is completely FREE with the purchase of custom orthotics. INSURANCE COVERAGE may be available, depending on your provider.


When a Choice Nutrition client comes for an assessment for custom orthotics, a standard biomechanical gait analysis is performed by our practitioner, along with the collection of any relevant history.

In addition, we take advantage of the Footmaxx foot and gait assessment technology.

The Metascan Force Plate

The client is asked to walk with a normal gait across a specialized electronic force-plate. The dynamic pressure data from the foot on the force plate is used to produce a detailed Gait and Pressure Analysis Report. This four-dimensional information (length, width, rising and falling pressure over time) is used to custom fabricate the orthotic dimensions, comprised of the arch longitude, height, width, contour and posting angles.

The 3DMaxx Scanner

In addition to the dynamic gait pressure data, the client is asked to place each foot on the screen of the 3DMaxx digital scanner. This device takes a highly detailed 3-dimensional image of the shape of the client’s feet, for optimal customization of the orthotic insert. In prior years, this would have been accomplished with a plaster cast of the foot. But this more accurate digital option is employed through the Footmaxx service.

All these data are compiled and securely transmitted to The Footmaxx manufacturing facility in Roanoke, Virginia. This is one of the largest custom foot orthotic companies in North America, with a Clinical Services Department headed by a certified Pedorthist, and employing a highly trained staff. This department supervises all the orthotic prescriptions as they go from computer transmission right up to final quality control of the finished custom devices.

The custom orthotic inserts are then forwarded to the client via Choice Nutrition, with a full 30-day money back guarantee.

Appointments are offered by appointment in Melfort Mon-Fri during most weeks, and in Saskatoon on specific dates, approximately every 6 weeks.

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