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Naturopathic medicine​

Naturopathic Medicine combines modern medicine with natural therapies to address the root cause of illness, with a heavy focus on preventive medicine, immune health and on building health lifestyles.

A naturopathic doctor is a trained medical professional who aims to identify the underlying cause of illness, and develop personalized wellness plans to address them.

A big part of our philosophy is individualized and extensive Practitioner—Patient Interaction to ensure a comprehensive treatment plan with respect to the body as a whole. 

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Services with each Naturopathic Doctor differ slightly depending on specialties. To learn more about each one of our doctors, please click on their profiles:

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Please note that our Naturopathic Doctors are licensed, therefore the majority of services are either fully or partially covered by your extended health insurance plans! Please check with your provider as plans may vary. 

Our Naturopathic Services

Naturopathic services involve the use of natural remedies and treatments to promote the body’s natural ability to heal itself. These services may include nutrition and lifestyle counseling, herbal medicine, acupuncture, and physical therapy. Naturopathic doctors are trained to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions, and work to identify and address the root cause of illness, rather than just treating symptoms. Naturopathic services can be used as a complement to traditional medical care, or as a standalone treatment option for those seeking a more holistic approach to healthcare.

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Sensitivity Testing

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Physical Vascular Therapy

Heavy Metal Testing & Chelation

Integrative Cancer Care

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