Candida Albicans

Candida Albicans

Candida is a yeast that, if left unchecked in women, can cause a variety of uncomfortable symptoms, including vaginal burning, erratic periods, inconsistent flow and more. In men, libido can be affected. For children, frequent infections can occur. Also, sugar cravings, bleeding gums and many other symptoms can generally come about. Vitazan Candida Albicans formula helps your body cope with candida overgrowth, returning your microbial populations to nominal levels.

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180 Capsules


This is a formulation of 10 natural ingredients that have been researched and recognized as very effective in Candida Albicans treatment. With this blend, we attack the fungus problem and at the same time enhance the immune system.


Vitamin A: (Beta Carotene : Pro-Vitamin A) Antioxidant, it is very necessary to keep mucuses in good shape, since they are a perfect place for the Candida infection to grow. It strengthens the immune system and prevents infections.

Garlic: Contains: Allicin, alliin, allyl, calcio, germanio, vitaminas A, B1, B2, C and minerals. It is a natural antibiotic and protects against infections. It is very effective in candida treatments as it detoxifies the organism.

Grapefruit Seed Extract: The active ingredient of this product is extracted from the seed, contains various tarpens aminoacids and vitamin C. After several studies, this compound has been considered to be very effective against bacteria gram+ and gram-, fungus and yeast.

Caprylic Acid: This is a short chain of essential fatty acids from coconut oil. It contains caprilates. It has natural antifungus properties and has been recognized as a very potent and effective treatment for candida albicans. It also helps to avoid proliferation of yeast.

Echinacea: Contains glycoside echina-coside, mucopolysaccharides (echinacin, inulin), betaine, tannins, achinolone, enzymes, fructose, fatty acids, vitamin C. It strengthens the immune system and fights infections. It has antibiotic, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. It purifies the blood and helps to clean the lymphatic system.

Suma: Contains pfaffic acid, phitosterols (beta-ecdysone) and pfaffosides. It also contains germanium, allantoin, and some vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Suma is a root that is well known for its ability to promote and increase vitality. It is considered as a general tonic. It helps the body achieve balance, and as a result, it increases the resistance to infections as well as stress. It oxygenates and detoxicates the tissues, and it has regenerative effects, renews the cells, and regulates and balances female hormones.

Black Walnut Hulls: Contains flavonoids, tannins, ellagic, tannic and gallic acids, juglone, nucin, trace minerals and vitamins. It is very effective in the treatment of intestinal parasites, fighting them and expelling them from the organism. It promotes detoxification.

Selenium (Yeast free L-selenomethionine): This is an antioxidant. It acts in synergy with vitamin E. It stimulates and increases the response of the antibodies to the infection.


This is a very effective formula to kill off Candida Albicans.

Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules after meals three times daily or as directed by your health professional. Important: Take 1 capsule of Acidophilus Ultimate (9 Billion per capsule) before each meal. As the yeast territory is destroyed, it is important to re-establish friendly beneficial microorganisms (probiotics) like Acidophilus Ultimate 9 Billion in this territory. This guards against the reinvasion of bad bacteria. Take Candida Albicans for 8 weeks for best results and supplement with Acidophilus Ultimate F.O.S. (11 Billion per capsule) thereafter once or twice a day. Acidophilus Ultimate (9 Billion per capsule) is the most powerful, most beneficial probiotic complex in the world! Follow a low yeast diet.


Do not take if pregnant.

Pau D’arco (Inner bark & wild crafted) extract 25 (PE 4:1 – 100) mg
Grapefruit seed extract concentrate 50 mg
Echinacea Angustifolia extract 40%polyphenols 25 mg
Caprylic Acid Magnesium (Short Chain Fatty Acid From Coconut Oil) 90 mg
Caprylic Acid Calcium (Short Chain Fatty Acid From Coconut Oil) 90 mg
Caprylic Acid Zinc (Short Chain Fatty Acid From Coconut Oil) 20 mg
Odourless Super Garlic (10,000 mcg of Allicin per gm) 62.5 mg
Black Walnut Hulls extract 8 (PE 4:1 – 32) mg
Suma (Pfaffia Paniculata) 50 mg
Selenium (Yeast Free L-Selenomethionine) 25 mcg
Oregano extract powder (Wild) 30% Carvacrol ) 55 mg

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180 Capsules


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