Tara Evaschesen

Tara Evaschesen

Integrative Microscopy

Growing up in Kindersley, Saskatchewan, Tara graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 2000 with a degree in Nursing.

After graduation, she worked in Kindersley as well as Swift Current for a short time, eventually moving to Alberta, working in the rural community of Oyen, Alberta for close to 2 years and then settling in Medicine Hat, Alberta in 2003. Working long term care, ICU and lastly Primary Care for the past 15 years.

Tara has always loved engaging with her clients, and really getting to know them mentally, emotionally and physically. Wanting to guide them to being the best that they can be, and supporting them in reaching their optimal health. She has always believed in holistic care, and that every aspect of peoples’ lives affects their overall health. Always believing and supporting that the client is the “driver” on their journey to optimal health, and that the rest of us are the “passengers” of support, knowledge and recommendations.

She has always felt that if medical and natural health came together in a more integrative, collaborative approach, that it would be so much more beneficial to achieving optimal health outcomes for our clients.

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Tara Evaschesen

Biography details

Tara successfully completed her Applied Integrative Microscopy certification in April 2022.

Offering services in Medicine Hat only.