Is Health Care All About Drugs & Vaccines???


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Is Health Care All About Drugs & Vaccines???

While our modern society and technological advancements have brought much improvement and convenience to our lives, it, unfortunately, has also made us more prone to disease than ever before: lack of exercise, poor diet, environmental toxins, and stress are only a few of the common factors that impact people’s wellness nowadays, triggering the onset of disease, often followed by harsh drugs, side effects and a never-ending cycle of treatment.

We have spent many weeks now dealing with and learning about the Novel Coronavirus. This blog post is not about how to try and find a cure for Covid-19, or how to prevent contracting it by cutting ourselves off from the world and navigating a new normal surrounded by sanitizers and in fear.

This post is about creating AWARENESS that real health and health care is fundamentally more important than it has ever been. We still do not know much about this virus, but what the pandemic has taught us is that we need to do more to be prepared. And that does not just apply to ensuring stock piles of PPE – if we want to be stronger as a society when it comes to disease outbreaks, we need to collectively work on being a HEALTHIER POPULATION, so we can protect the vulnerable and ensure that our health care system and resources are not overburdened.

One major aspect is STRENGTHENING OUR IMMUNE SYSTEMS – the first line of defense when encountering a new pathogen such as a virus.

But the other much more important part is understanding the importance of PREVENTING OTHER MAJOR HEALTH CONDITIONS wherever possible. For example, it has been widely accepted that persons with underlying conditions such as diabetes or heart disease are a lot more likely to experience more severe symptoms and complications when infected with Covid-19. You may argue that some of these health conditions cannot be avoided or prevented – but a lot of them CAN – or at the very least, a healthy lifestyle and supportive integrative treatment of the body can reduce side effects, so the strain on other organs can be lessened in order to keep bodies in better “fighting condition” when a stressor hits.

It is everyone’s right and responsibility to ensure their own strength and health, so we can shield the weak and vulnerable from the impact of an outbreak, and possibly avoid economic shutdowns as we have just had to experience.

We strongly believe that health care has a lot to do with being proactive, rather than being reactive. Combating a disease outbreak with drugs and vaccines are reactive measures, we believe that our system needs more proactive strategies.

Our philosophy and approach to health care has always been mainly about PREVENTION, INVESTIGATION OF ROOT CAUSES OF ILLNESS RATHER THAN FOCUSING ON SYMPTOMS and on BUILDING HEALTHY LIFESTYLES. Educating people about leading healthier lives, early detection of imbalances in their physiology, strengthening their bodies’ own defense mechanisms and supporting the body with natural & herbal agents in order to lessen impact and side effects of treatments is what health care is all about here at Choice Nutrition.

“Do not accept illness” has been our motto for years, and we encourage everyone to not live in fear of disease, but to be proactive and INVEST INTO THE POWER of proactive and natural integrative health care.

We thank our clients, who have supported us over the past 27 years in business and are very proud to have been your first choice in health care!

Don’t miss out on our next blog post when we dive a little bit deeper into how our immune system works and how we can help strengthen it naturally! Visit for all previous healthy living blog posts and health tips published during the Covid-19 crisis.

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