Most services offered by our Naturopathic Doctors and RMT’s qualify for coverage under most extended health care plans. Contact your provider for details, as plans vary!


You can book an appointment by contacting our Melfort (306-752-9277), Saskatoon (306-249-6700) or Medicine Hat (403-487-0209) location. CLICK HERE for our complete contact information and directions.

All clients are required to fill out our intake forms. (CLICK HERE to download). There are no special requirements for most appointments. If there are special requirements, you will be made aware of this when you book your appointment.

Choice Nutrition requires 24 hours notice upon canceling an appointment.
If prior notice is not given, you will be charged for half of the missed appointment fee.

Patients who fail to show for their appointments and who do not notify the office 24 hours in advance may prevent another individual who needs to be seen that is currently on a waiting list.
For the purposes of this policy, a no show appointment is defined as an appointment, which is missed by the patient without any advance notice.

We thank you in advance for your compliance to this office policy.

Integrative Microscopy, also known as Live Blood Analysis, is a comprehensive microscopic assessment of blood in its live and un-altered state using phase contrast and brightfield microscope techniques. Integrative Microscopy has been our most successful tool in health assessment over the past 25 years. Visit the Integrative Microscopy page for all details. For cost please refer to the price list.

This new “Integrative Microscopy” is done by licensed health care providers such as Naturopathic Doctors which often qualifies your consultation for extended health insurance coverage. These practitioners will use the microscopy to gain valuable information pertinent to your health concerns which will be added to information gathered from physical exams, health history, advanced bloodwork and other medical testing in order to create a comprehensive wellness plan specific to your health conditions and complimentary to your medical doctor’s treatment plan.

It is a simple poke of the finger. Two samples will be taken, a dried and a live sample. We also test your glucose and total cholesterol. 

 There are numerous different things that can be seen a blood sample. Our practitioners will start by identifying cell structures including Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells, Platelets and Lipids, explaining their specific functions in the body in order to educate you as to how they affect your health. The practitioner will then carefully examine the sample for changes in the normal appearance of blood structures and the presence of other non-typical morphologies (abnormalities in the blood) and explain how these changes may impact your health.

Integrative Microscopy is a subjective, non-diagnostic, information gathering tool used by a skilled practitioner to aid in direction of care. It is possible to see microbial forms (organisms that may cause illness) in the sample. Microbial forms in a sample may relate to and be a possible explanation for patient symptomology, but because it is not our job to culture or stain the sample we will not be able to put a specific name on those microbes, however, these microbes are very important to be aware of in order to create a specific wellness plan for each individual and referrals for more testing and specific diagnosis.

We are certain the information and education you will receive will be extremely helpful in understanding your specific health concerns.

An initial appointment will take about 1.5 hours and recap appointments take 1 hour.

For costs please refer to the price list posted at the top of this page.

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Our Naturopathic Doctors offer a wide range of laboratory testing including sensitivity and hormone tests, cancer care, spinal manipulation, injections for pain, weight loss consultation, IV therapy, cold laser therapy and acupuncture. Services available differ for each Naturopathic Doctor. Visit our services page to see our list of services.

​Some of our other services are:

LOW INTENSITY LASER THERAPY. This is used to treat musculosceletal ailments and injuries. The “cold” laser light targets inflamed or damaged tissue resulting in elimination of symptoms and enhanced healing of the targeted tissue.


Please visit our SERVICES section for a complete list and  to learn more.

Although every person’s situation will vary, a typical wellness plan will include specific instructions regarding diet recommendations, nutritional supplementation, exercise or stretching plans and further advanced testing needed to fully understand your unique situation including advanced bloodwork, IGG Food Sensitivity Testing, Hormone Panels, and referrals to other health care providers including your medical doctor.

An initial appointment takes 1.5 hours. Recap appointments range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. For costs please refer to the price list posted at the top of this page.

An initial appointment takes 2 hours. For costs please refer to the price list posted at the top of this page.

Only consultations with our Naturopathic Doctors may be covered by your extended health care plan. We advise that you contact your insurance provider to ask what coverage you have, as plans vary.

If you need any supplements you can contact us by phone during business hours, or place an order 24/7 through our online shop.

Flat rate shipping costs are $15 for orders shipped to Canada and $30 for orders shipped to the USA. All orders are shipped via Canada Post with a tracking number.

From October to April, due to possibility of freezing, all orders placed on a Friday will not leave until the following Monday. Shipping of liquids is suspended during the winter months, they can be picked up in-store pickup only.